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Hi Everyone and Thank you for visiting SharonRomine.com, your source for design and printing services, as well as proofreading, editing and rewriting services.

My specialty is working with small businesses. How'd I get to my level of expertise? Well, it's a long a winding road, so I'm writing a bio, which I'll put on another page that you're welcome to read when you have a cup of coffee and some time on your hands.

I love working with small business owners. I truly feel they are the backbone of America, and politics aside, what makes America run.

And, I've been doing it one way or the other since about 1992. I've had several businesses since then, but both have focused on helping small business owners market and promote their business through planning and production of marketing products, and helping with their business strategy.

As you can see on the left, I am a Navitor rep. I create it, you proof it, and Navitor prints it. I've been a dealer for them over 20 years, and stay with them because they're a great company to work with, but if you have a printer you prefer to work with, I don't mind designing it and letting you take it to them.

I plan on making this page more than just a place to find options for great design, but also a place for learning. Please check back regular and read my blog as I share things to consider when planning your promotion items, be it a business card, brochure, or a T-shirt.

Just a note about running a small business; I've learned that many start their own business to be their own boss, but the reality is you trade-in one boss for many, as your customers become your bosses. If you don't produce what they need and keep your promises, they will very quickly "fire" you!

Thanks Everyone, and Just call if you'd like to get together and discuss your design needs!

Sharon | 386-965-1440

"Proper Prior Planning, Prevents Poor Performance"

This came out of a management book I used in class a million years ago, but it's always stuck.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most important promotional pieces that you will use.

Take your time in designing them, remembering that the less said, with more clarification, the better.

It needs to tell them what you do, what benefit it is to them and how to reach you. No more, no less.

It needs to be said with impact.

Cost depends on the number of colors, the paper stock that you have them printed on, as well as other factors, such as screens, ink bleeding off the sides, two sided copies, and many other factors.

Price can be as low as $20 for small quantity, or more, depending on your choices.

If you're just starting out, you may want to go with a less expensive type, and a lower quantity just in case you decide to change things within the first few months of business.

There's nothing worse than spending several hundred dollars on quality cards, only to find that you want to add an additional service, or that you need to move to allow for growth.

If you'd like to take a look at some different ideas for your cards, just give me a call.